Construction has been one of key activities in Kostak Group for more than 60 years. In cooperation with several of our subsidiaries we provide services that include project development, architectural and technological design, construction and reconstruction, market sale and maintenance.

We grow our success on our own knowledge, development and experience as well on participating in the most demanding construction projects, such as the construction of hydroelectric power stations, distribution networks, state roads and residential facilities.

Power providing infrastructure

 Krško Hydro Power Plant

 Blanca Hydro Power Plant

 Brežice Hydro Power Plant

 Krško Nuclear Power Plant Dam

Telecommunication, power and gas distribution networks

 Switchgear at Nuclear Power Plant Krško

 Switchgear at Thermoelectric Power Plant Brestanica

Commercial an administrative buildings

 Dobova Railway Station

 LIDL Sevnica

 ZEL-EN Centre

 Drnovo Toll Station

 Aristotel Healthcare Centre

 Obrežje Border Crossing

 Brestanica Kindergarten

 Senovo Mortuary


Industrial facilities

 Waste Management Centre Spodnji Stari Grad

 Grieshaber Storage Facility

Residential buildings

 Zelene Jarše Residential Complex

 Gabrje Residences

 GEN Residential Houses

Ground works and landscape reconstruction after avalanches

 Sevnica Sewerage System

 Krško Flood Wall

 Sava Embankment

Municipal and road infrastructure

 Brege, Drnovo, Vihre, Mrtvice, Velika vas Municipal Infrastructure

 Sava Bridge Reconstruction in Krško

 Prekopa Road Reconstruction

 Dorc Roundabout

 Reconstruction After Avalanche

 Senovo Road and Municipal Infrastructure