Annually the Waste Management Centre Spodnji Stari Grad processes up to:

  • 45.000 tons of mixed and bulk municipal waste
  • 16.000 tons of mixed packaging materials
  • 10.000 tons of biological waste
  • 22.500 tons of waste for Solid Refined Fuel
  • 34.000 tons of construction waste

During the process we acquire up to:

  • 10.000 tons of recycled raw materials
  • 8.000 tons of compost
  • 22.500 tons of Solid Refined Fuel

Raw materials provided by Kostak:

  • Plastic material (PET packaging material, HDPE, LDPE)
  • Paper (deinking) / cardboard
  • Aluminum cans
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Commingled materials

Recycled raw materials provided by Kostak enable economically more efficient industrial processing as they use less natural resources. The production cost using recycled raw materials is lower while the quality of end product remains on the same level as the quality of products produced from primary raw materials.